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Oklahoma City Volkswagen Oil Change Services

Oil Change Services
in Oklahoma City, OK

Volkswagen Oil Change Services Provided in Oklahoma City, OK

When your Volkswagen needs an oil change, be sure to check our service specials, then schedule an appointment at our Oklahoma City service department. We can quickly change your oil with VW-approved motor oil, so you can get back to your busy schedule. After all, having your oil changed shouldn’t be an expensive or time-consuming task. We offer the highest quality oil change services to encourage you to keep up with routine oil change maintenance. This helps protect your engine by providing the proper lubrication the various components require. Since motor oil deteriorates over time, debris buildup must be avoided within your engine to promote optimal performance.

Types of Oil Offered at Oklahoma City Volkswagen

Regardless of what type of oil your Volkwagen requires, we can efficiently remove your old oil and filter, and replace it with fresh motor oil. At Oklahoma City Volkswagen, our certified technicians will also inspect your oil reservoir for any leaks, so you don’t lose oil or engine performance. We offer the following types of oil changes:

Conventional Oil Change

Conventional Oil

Derived from petroleum, conventional oil is also known as Regular or Traditional Oil, because historically it was the first to be used. It has little to no additives and is therefore a cheaper option.

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Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic Oil

Also known as full-synthetic oil, this type is created using various chemicals and additives to enhance performance within your engine. While it may be more expensive, it has increased thermal resistance and improved viscosity, which make the added cost well worth it.

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Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Semi-Synthetic Oil

This is a synthetic blend or mixture of both conventional and synthetic oils. While the two components' ratios may vary, there is no more than 30% synthetic oil. This imparts many of the same performance benefits while being cheaper to purchase than a full-synthetic.

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Diesel Oil Change

Diesel Oil

Diesel motor oil is made exclusively for diesel engines. Its unique formulation is designed to promote the lubrication of diesel engines only.

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Signs That It’s Time for an Oil Change

If your Volkswagen starts acting strangely, be sure to get an oil change. Fresh motor oil can prevent unnecessary engine damage by providing adequate lubrication. If your check engine light comes on, your VW is slow to start, your steering wheel shakes while idling, or you notice abnormal ticking sounds or excessive exhaust, it is likely time to change out your oil. Another obvious sign is dirty, discolored, or low oil.

Oklahoma City Volkswagen Provides Quality Oil Changes at Affordable Price

Serving Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon, Norman, and Mustang, Oklahoma, we are your local automotive service department specializing in Volkswagens just like yours. Our technicians are trained and certified by Volkswagen and use genuine OEM parts straight from the manufacturer. So not only will you get quality parts backed by a warranty, but you’ll also have them installed by the VW experts. With our service specials and competitive prices, you’ll get all of these advantages without breaking the bank. Make sure your VW runs smoothly by keeping up with routine oil change maintenance. At our facility, you’ll enjoy our Express Service Department, Saturday service hours, parts & gears boutique, courtesy transportation shuttle, and our children’s play area. We strive to impress with every service at Oklahoma City Volkswagen.

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