If you're a driver in Oklahoma City, Norman, or Edmond looking for a versatile motor vehicle with plenty of accommodating attributes to spare, you've probably placed the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen and the Subaru Outback at the top of your list of prospects. After all, they're both quite impressive.

In order to provide you with a closer look at what these two are all about, we here at Oklahoma City Volkswagen have put together the following Volkswagen Golf SportWagen vs. Subaru Outback comparison. Continue reading to find out which one stands out.

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen vs Subaru Outback: Exterior Measurements

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen vs Subaru OutbackWhile both of these cars appear to be quite similar in size, a closer examination of their exact measurements reveals there to be some pretty significant differences. In the case of the VW Golf SportWagen, you'll find that it has a width of 70.8 inches, a height of 58.3 inches, and a length of 179.6 inches. Conversely, the Outback is 72.4 inches wide, 66.1 inches high, and 189.9 inches long.

These numbers show the VW Golf SportWagen to have the smaller overall size. This provides you with a distinct advantage due to the fact that it makes it easier to corner more effectively around those narrow city streets.

Convenient Features for the VW Golf SportWagen vs Subaru Outback

The topic of convenience is a pretty important one when you're searching for your next vehicle. The Volkswagen Golf SportWagen manages to pull ahead in this area as well. One of the features that make it such a standout here is the available VW Car-Net® Security & Service. This handy element provides you with items like the sunroof rain notification that's able to send a message directly to your phone in the event that there's rain in the forecast and you happened to have left the sunroof open.

The VW Car-Net® Security & Service feature also supplies you with the open vehicle notification. This one lets you know that you've left your VW Golf SportWagen unlocked or the trunk or one of the doors open. If you've simply left the vehicle unlocked, this feature will actually allow you to lock it remotely.

The VW Golf SportWagen is also available with interior ambient lighting that serves two purposes. The first is that it makes it easier for you and your passengers to be able to see throughout the cabin's interior at night. The second purpose has to do with style. This is made obvious due to the fact that the ambient lighting provides a distinct sense of sophistication as it highlights the cabin's distinguishing design features and attractive lines. None of these conveniences are available in the Subaru Outback.

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen vs Subaru Outback: The Verdict

With its overall size and various convenient touches, the VW Golf SportWagen proves itself to be the better pick over the Subaru Outback. If you like what you've seen so far from this quality automobile, contact us at Oklahoma City Volkswagen serving Oklahoma City, Norman, and Edmond to schedule your test drive for an even closer look.

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